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IT Consulting

Our turnkey projects involve investigation, plan & progress, and research in key technology areas and next generation applications. This would be a best development model for industries that need to outsource their specific time bound software development wherein the requirements are well acknowledged. We are well-equipped to undertake project sizes that range from small to large man year efforts. We pride ourselves in taking full rights of the software development, right from inception stage to implementation and end-user training on the software products.

For companies in search of cost saving solutions to their software development needs, one of the efficient and simplest ways is to have our techno-analysts to study their requirements and provide an industry best solution.

IT Recruitment

Clandica recruitment services is a leading workforce solution provider which brings the best employees and employers together. We help you to simplify your tasks, focus on your goals and achieve success.

Successful recruitment is all about‚ Getting best People at Right Time for Right Job⋅ This is exactly the principle followed by our trained and experienced consultants. They work closely with Clients and applicants and establish a perfect match through its systematic hiring process. We assist our clients develop their human capital, the biggest asset of any company.

Our consultants personally analyze each company’s needs since they change from company to company. We then find the candidates with the required skills and experience who meets the client’s needs and provide a customized special training and assessment for the selected candidates. We thus minimize the client’s work and time needed for recruiting suitable professionals.

We have a team of consultants led by Senior HR Professionals having long-time experience and who have specialized in Multi-level & Multi-disciplinary Recruitment.

We offer HR placement services in a well reputed companies within USA.

Staffing Services

Staffing service portfolio of Clandica Inc caters qualified, skilled professionals as per the industry requirements in USA. The consultants placed by us are working in many reputed organizations across the length and breadth of USA.

We offer the services in both offshore and onshore market. We provide the services of professionals as employees or as contractors in USA or India through our payroll. We also help our customers recruit American citizens as contractors through our payroll vide ˜in-source model"". The flexibility and quality of professional services we offer is unparalleled in US recruitment market.

We assist our clients in recruiting qualified and experienced professionals across industries listed below:

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Government services

The data bank of professionals and their qualifications, experience, expectations and ambitions built over the years is a proud asset that helps us maintain our significant relevance in the value chain we share with our customers.